one.brussels isn’t just a political project, it’s a declaration of love. It’s a statement to the city and to its inhabitants.


We love Brussels. We love it with conviction and passion. We love how colourful it is and its nooks and crannies, its potential, its diversity, its challenges – everything that makes it Belgium’s only truly big city. But this isn’t blind love. We know full well that some points can be improved, first and foremost by simplifying the way in which the city is run and thereby making it more efficient. Let’s put a stop to all the fragmentation which is leading to so much chaos, waste and injustice.


Let’s have a single administration, a single centre for social services, a single police zone.


We are against standstills and blockages whatever form they come in. It’s high time that we downgraded the status of the car for the benefit of everyone living in Brussels. Because we want to move around and to move forward. The city’s air gives us freedom but we also want to make it healthier thanks to a policy that strikes the right balance in terms of environmental concerns and solidarity.


And above all we want everyone living in Brussels, the ‘Brusseleir’ as they are known in Brussels, to feel at home in their city. We want everyone to have the feeling that they can be themselves and that they can give free rein to their talents. In our Brussels, everyone has equal opportunities. No one is left by the wayside or marginalised. A city that takes care of its citizens and citizens that care for their city.

We need a vision to achieve that, a strong and solidly backed vision. And we have one. And we’re bold too. All we need is you.


Brussels is the future. So join one.brussels if you want to contribute to shape this future.     









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