Anaïs Maes

Place 3 - Flemish Parliament (successor)




priority #1:

Good quality bilingual education for all the ketjes [kids] in Brussels.

Anaïs Maes is a Brusseleir through and through. She has a PhD in history and teaches at the Athenée Royal [a school] in Etterbeek. She wants to create tailored bilingual education for all the ketjes in Brussels because they are our future. Brussels is her city and she is desperately in love with it. And as a real Brusseleir, she couldn’t say no to a good half-en-half [a typical Brussels drink mixing white wine and champagne or sparkling wine]. She is someone inspired and enthusiastic who is active in the Change.Brussels project. Anaïs is married to a zinneke [person of mixed origins] and is proud of being the mother of a little ketje. It’s hard to be more Brusseleir. Everyone will also remember when she worked as a reporter on the ground for the former radio station FM Brussel and for TV Brussel (now BRUZZ) from 2005 to 2008.


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