Anne-Sophie Vanneste

Place 5 - Flemish Parliament (successor)




priority #1:

Support for creativity in the city.

Anne Sophie Vanneste knows Brussels cultural life like the back of her hand. She has in particular officiated as the person in charge of communications for the Kunstenfestivaldesarts [a contemporary arts festival including theatre, dance, performance, cinema and visual arts] and is part of the board of directors of the Bronks, De Markten, Zinneke and Ictus cultural centres and manages the communications and press department at the cultural service of Bruxelles-Ville [Brussels City]. She is a big fan of culture and has turned her passion into her profession. She would like private and public buildings that have been left empty to serve more as areas for artistic expression and rehearsals. And why not put green rooves on public buildings? She wants to get there, for Brussels, for this little city/world. She’ll add her drive and enthusiasm to that of her partners from One.Brussels. She is someone motivated who wants results and who has a remarkable gift for organisation. With her, anything becomes possible.


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