Brahim Lhichou

Place 11 - Brussels Parliament




priority #1:

My hobby horses are youth, living together and safety.

Brahim Lhichou is a street worker for the urban laboratory JES in Cureghem. With his colleagues, whatever the weather, he is out and about offering young people opportunities. And Brahim knows what he is talking about. He had a difficult time in his youth and didn’t finish his secondary studies. From this period, he himself says: “It was difficult for me and I was frustrated. And when you are frustrated you look for someone that’s responsible for that. For me, that was the state.” That was until he realised that there is no use looking for someone to blame and that he needed to get a grip on things. Thanks to unstinting commitment and motivation, he finally managed to obtain a certificate of higher education. He would now like to serve as an example to other young people who are in difficulty.


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