In due course, the Region and the 19 municipalities of Brussels should become one. This is just common sense. One city, one administration, one government that also unites the existing 19 Social Services. One police zone to protect and secure the whole of Brussels and not just one municipalarea. One budget and one democracy.


  • Why Because one administration means a fairer Brussels for all. Today, someone in Uccle pays less taxes than someone in Molenbeek. will ensure that everyone pays the same taxes and gets the same benefits in return.

  • Why Because one administration will ensure a more caring Brussels. Those who are entitled to social housing should not be on sixteen different waiting lists. Priorities should not depend on where you live but what your living situation is and what your needs are. The same standards should apply  for all those who need support.

  • Why Because one administration will ensure a more thriving and open Brussels, including a single entrepreneurs office, a single parking agency, one set of conditions and one set of forms and permits. A city that enables and motivates rather than discourages entrepreneurs. A city that does not cut through neighbourhoods with administrative boundaries.

  • Why Because one administration will provide a more skillful and competent Brussels. Better organised services for childcare and education can guarantee more knowledge, quality and management than the current fragmented 38 authorities.

  • Why Because a single police zone means a safer and more secure Brussels in its entirety. It will ensure clear responsibilities and consistent enforcement. It should render the police force as mobile as rioters are and as flexible as organised crime is.

  • Why Because a single administration will put an end to the absurdities and frustrations of the people of Brussels. Street sweepers should not stop at the municipal border, complaints should not be passed on endlessly. We want to establish one registration procedure and residential discounts that apply to every inhabitant of Brussels, in every part of the city.

  • Why Because a single budget and more efficient organisation can generate up to 900 million euros of savings that we can invest in a more social, greener and more inclusive Brussels.



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