Els Rochette

Place 2 - Brussels Parliament




priority #1:

Poverty is an injustice! All Brusseleir have the right to a dignified life, to decent accommodation and to good quality education in a society that doesn't exclude anyone from the labour market and guaranteeting unversal access to the culture, sport and activities for young people and automatically proposing social rates to those that have a right to them 


After 14 years at the head of the Globe Aroma arts’ centre located in the heart of Brussels, artistic director Els Rochette got involved in politics and became an independent running mate for Pascal Smet. She wasn’t expecting to be offered a place on One.Brussels’s electoral list but, when she was, she jumped at the chance. Els is particularly worried about vulnerable people in our city: the homeless, refugees, people with no regular income, single people and the elderly. One in three people is living in poverty and she thinks that that cannot go on any longer. She is the mother of three ketjes.


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