Fatima Abbach

Place 6 - Brussels Parliament




priority #1:

Young people make up nearly 30% of the Brussels population. We want more spaces to allow them to develop, with education that matches the reality of our city. Let’s also encourage young people in Brussels to meet others from different backgrounds. After all, they’ll end up meeting on the job market and they’ll create tomorrow’s society.

Fatima Abbach is the founder of Diwan Awards, an annual prize ceremony for Belgo-Moroccans who have achieved outstanding things. Fatima has been working at the Fondation Roi Baudoin for several years. Culture and education are the issues that are closest to her heart, not to mention cleanliness too. She wants young people to get more involved in politics because they are the ones that will make the difference. Fatima works hard to get young and less young people, people from different neighbourhoods and from all origins to meet each other. She has three children who give her a serious energy boost every day.


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