Fouad Ahidar

Place 3 - Brussels Parliament




priority #1:

For me, what counts is that we all live in this city. Brussels is the most diverse city in the world, a city where people coming from all walks of life live together. Brussels belongs to us and we belong to it. Whether we are from here or elsewhere, regardless of the language that we speak, regardless of our age, whether we are religious or not: we are all Brusseleir, that is what brings us together. I want all Brusseleir to be able to bloom and able to flourish and feel at home, from Jette to Uccle, from Anderlecht to Schaerbeek. Brussels is a city that we all love to live in, I'm fed up with the thinking that opposes "them" and "us", we are all together, all Brusseleir. 

Fouad Ahidar is first Vice President in the Brussels Parliament and an advisor to the commune of Jette. He is concerned about all Brusseleirs, whether they are from here or from elsewhere. Fouad’s priorities are: affordable housing for everyone, a safe environment and a sufficiently green environment for young people. He is against any kind of discrimination and would like to see more solidarity. He wants everyone to be able to be themselves in public spaces. He has become a major fan of using electric bicycles every day since he discovered them a few years ago. Fouad Ahidar is not just a politician but he is also, and above all, a father of five children and Nathalie’s husband. When his daughters are gearing themselves up for the umpteenth demonstration for the climate, he proudly says to himself: “De appel valt niet ver van de boom” [Literally, the apple never falls far from the tree or a chip off the old block].



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