Hicham Vanborm

Place 4 - Flemish Parliament (successor)




priority #1:

Flanders must invest fully in order to achieve the Brussels Standard in Education and Welfare.

Hicham Vanborm grew up in Brussels, where he studied political sciences at the Katholieke Universiteit Brussel (KUB) [Catholic University Brussels] and the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) [Free University Brussels]. As an IT consultant at Infrabel, he is working on a project aiming to digitalise the railway network. Hicham is active in politics because he wants to change the world and make it fairer. Belgium is a rich country and technological evolution just keeps moving forward at speed. He wants to make sure that this wealth is used to create a happier society for everyone. Hicham wants Brussels to be a welcoming city, especially for children, with play areas for small children, sports halls and party halls for young adults. He would like Flanders to invest more in education and show ambition in terms of kindergartens, elderly people’s homes and healthcare for the disabled. A big fan of board games and reading, he is also a die-hard supporter of Royal Sporting Club Anderlecht (RSCA) [Anderlecht Football Club] and a battle-hardened cyclist.


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