Jeannot Kabuya

Place 9 - Brussels Parliament




priority #1:

I’m committing to working for a good quality of life together, to work to fight against all forms of discrimination and to work for equal opportunities.

Jeannot Kabuya is a Belgian with Congolese origins. He wants to clean up Brussels and make it greener, so that it becomes a city where everyone feels at home. His motto is: “All Brusseleir and proud of it” and the fight against discrimination is his hobby horse. He thinks that the city belongs to everyone and that everyone belongs to the city. Jeannot is the father of three children and spends time at the gym in his free time. He likes reading and is an enthusiastic blogger.

I fight for:

  • Promoting a good sense of community by fighting against discrimination of any kind and favouring equal opportunities.

  • Producing and renovating obsolete social housing so that young people don’t feel estranged but feel good in our community.

  • Young people: Reducing youth unemployment by boosting help for young people looking for work, putting the emphasis on training unqualified young people and partnership with companies.

  • Real support for families and the elderly: Setting up new kindergartens as well as new residences for elderly people who need financial support and home help.

  • Security: Increasing the number of police patrols and boosting video surveillance in sensitive areas.

  • The promotion of sport by granting a 100 euro sports voucher to every household with over three children as well as access to cultural projects for youth.


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