Kezban Ekizkuyu

Place 10 - Brussels Parliament




priority #1:

I want to commit to simplifying the bureaucracy and to making it more efficient, in favour of single people and a public education network at the city level which would offer people the chance to have a bilingual education.

The future of Brussels is as diverse and colourful as the faces in the streets of this city/world, different on every corner. My broad experience as an observer of civil society have taught me that the numerous social divides in my city are a source of frustration and indignation on all sides. The fragmented way in which the city is governed only makes management of Brussels less transparent. That is why a simplified and efficient government will be a crucial step in the right direction.

A public education network envisaging the possibility of bilingual education is essential from this perspective! Because young people will be the ones who create the future.

Bit cities have more and more single people. They make up nearly half the population. But politics is still stuck in the last century. So it is high time for change.

Many new developments that are currently taking shape in our city, such as growing environmental awareness, seem in fact to be class phenomena, which can only widen these divisions. So let’s build the future of our city together by turning these divisions into opportunities. A city for all Brusseleir.

Because colourful is what we want!


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