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Place 12 - Brussels Parliament




priority #1:

Brussels needs a forward-looking policy for its night life, good quality architecture and (better) quality politicians.

Lander comes from the outskirts of Brussels but he fell in love with the city while studying at the VUB. He is an advisor for youth, sport and events in Minister Pascal Smet’s cabinet. According to Lander, Brussels does not have a forward-looking vision for its night life. Currently, 19 mayors are responsible for it. We need to appoint an ambassador for night life who would act as the link between public authorities, clubs/organisers and locals. With, he wants to work towards a more vivacious night life where everyone would find what they are looking for and which would decriminalise drugs without legalising them. Cities need to build more upwards. He would also like us to build blocks of flats that Brusseleir could be proud of. Finally, we need (more) professional and (more) competent politicians. We need ambition and to the put the bar higher. That’s why he chose


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