Manzul Akhmedov

Place 7 - Brussels Parliament




priority #1:

Make Brussels a sporty city! And also reduce the inequalities between rich and poor and ensure that everyone has equal opportunities.

These are Manzul’s first steps in politics. A professional athlete, an entrepreneur and a sports coach, he is the youngest of the 17 candidates on the list. Sport has changed his life completely and Manzul has one aim in his mind: to make Brussels a sporty city!

He aspires to having a fairer distribution of wealth. So it makes perfect sense for him to commit himself to

Manzul’s values match perfectly with the values of

He is a polyglot (six languages) and is representative of the rich diversity of Brussels. If he has a dream in his head, he works hard to make it come true!

He is also fighting for equal opportunities, an issue that is particularly dear to his heart.

Manzul is French-speaking and a Belgian Street Workout champion. For five years, he has been fighting, as a volunteer, for the development of sports activities in the capital.

For example, he is responsible for the creation of seven Street Workout parks in four different communes. In addition, the communes of Ixelles and Molenbeek have given him a prize for his commitment to sport.

Manzul is the founder of the asbl WOLF’S BAR, a group of six young Brusseleir who are fighting for the development of sport in Brussels. Their motivation led them to taking part in various TV programmes such as Belgium’s Got Talent (2016) and to doing shows all over the world!


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