Mohammed Khazri

Place 4 - Flemish Parliament (effective)




priority #1:

It is together that we will create the future. Meeting people and listening to them is the basis of my involvement. I want to pass people’s concerns into the political sphere.

Mohammed Khazri is a specialised worker and trade union representative for the Fédération générale du travail de Belgique (FGTB) [a major Belgian trade union] and, as such, he works to improve working conditions for employees. Mohammed is also an advisor to the commune of Anderlecht. His priority: affordable housing. He wants to tackle the problem of buildings that are left empty so that everyone has a roof over their head. He thinks that it is not right that someone who has a right to social housing appears on 16 different waiting lists. Because a right is a right and that’s the end of the story. Things must not depend on the commune in which you are registered. Mohammed is the father of seven children and looks after his elderly mother during his free time. He is also active in the Ninove-Match neighbourhood committee, which is devoted to improving living conditions and social cohesion around the Chaussée de Ninove.


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