Education and childcare


For our ketjes [kids], growing up in a cosmopolitan city is what they are used to. They feel at home here. But we still need our education to reflect the reality in Brussels.

One.Brussels wants a single public education network in Brussels and a single (bilingual) office for childcare

Access to a good quality kindergarten is crucial to have a good start in life. For all children and all parents. We want to create a single office where you will be able to go to find a place in a kindergarten or to find childcare at your home in the Dutch-speaking, French-speaking or bilingual network that we also plan to set up.

A Brussels education for every child requires ever more bilingualism, at school as well as in the training of teachers, a bilingualism that values the numerous other languages spoken in our city.

The future of education in Brussels is also a future that is adapting to the reality of the city, with an adapted programme and teaching but with the same level of learning demands as elsewhere. In terms of content also, current education is not sufficiently oriented to the diversity of our capital. For many young Brusseleirs, the terms of reference of educational subjects is not recognizable and is therefore a source of exclusion.


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