Patricia Rodrigues da Costa

Place 2 - Flemish Parliament (successor)




priority #1:

100% bilingual education

Young households are a big favourite for her because they need more indoor and outdoor play areas. Patricia Rodrigues da Costa works as a communications advisor at Infrabel, which manages the infrastructure of the Belgian railway network. But she is also an advisor to the commune of Jette and a member of the board of the Centre Public d’Action Sociale (CPAS) [centre for social services] in Jette for the sp.a. Patricia has Portuguese and Congolese origins and was brought up in a multilingual environment. She thinks that multilingualism is a real asset for children in Brussels and is in favour of bilingual education. In her view, there wouldn’t be a reason for the political tensions if bilingual education had been set up at the national level. Patricia also wants to give solidarity a boost. Everyone should have a right to a dignified life with decent housing and opportunities to take part in social and cultural life. She is also President of Curieus Jette [which organises cultural activities]. Patricia is married to a Brussels rapper and has two young children.


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