Saliha Raiss

Place 5 - Brussels Parliament




priority #1:

We have to invest in Brussels youth as a whole so that young people can be themselves and flourish so that they reach their full potential.

Saliha Raiss has more than one trick up her sleeve. As head of cabinet for Fouad Ahidar, sp.a Brussels member of parliament, she has specialised in the areas of youth, education, equal opportunities and housing. She is also an advisor to the commune of Molenbeek Saint Jean, where she had already reported the poor management of the social housing company under the former majority government. Here absolute priority is to give young people more opportunities. For several years, she has been organising a job fair for young people because she thinks that they are still too much victims of unemployment in our region. She is a hard worker who knows her subject areas like no one else and who acts according to her convictions and who is also perfectly bilingual. She loves doing DIY during her free time. Pulling down a wall, putting in electric cables… she can do it all.


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